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Stay fit before your wedding in Greece with these activities

Are you planning your wedding in Greece? If you residence is not in Greece or if you organise the Greek wedding in a different place than in your hometown, it is probably that you should spend there many days before the event in order to arrange all the details. These days are stressful, but they are also a happy period that you will remember forever. During this period, you have to stay fit and not gain weight for your imminent wedding day. This is not always easy. You are not in your home, you eat everything you find, and alcohol flows in abundance. However, in Greece, you have many choices to exercise, stick to your fitness routine and be ready for the big day. Many all-inclusive hotels have a pool and a gym, so you can exercise without even leaving your hotel. However, there is always the possibility of open-air exercises thanks to the good Greek weather. Plus, these activities can be combined with fun, entertainment and exploration.



The waters of the sea on the Greek islands as well as in mainland seaside Greece are crystal clear, with impressive emerald colour. Furthermore, they are calm and ideal for swimming. Swimming is a perfect cardio activity to burn calories, but even better is the fact that while swimming you can explore the nearby beaches –some of them are inaccessible by car- and see new things while exercising.

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Although Greece is a seaside country, it also has many beautiful mountains with stunning natural beauty. Even on the smallest Greek islands, you can find interesting hills to hike. In these routes, you will have a breathtaking view of the sea, discover forgotten villages and take photos of white chapels in the middle of nowhere.

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Water sports

Many organised beaches in Greece, especially in touristic islands, have water-sports facilities. Water ski, kite and windsurf, water games and canoeing are ideal opportunities to get fit while having fun and being full of adrenaline. Sailing is also a very good option to exercise and explore inaccessible beaches and islands. In Greece, there are many marinas where you can rent a sailing boat and start your incredible journey. So, if you plan your wedding in Santorini, ask the wedding planner in Santorini to organise for you a day trip with a sailing boat, and you won’t regret it. You can’t do that of course also on other Greek islands with a marina.

watersports before wedding


If you are a fan of running or jogging, in Greece, you can continue with your activity. However, remember that the weather in Greece can be really hot, so it is wise to run early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Running on the beach, on the sand is an effective way to strengthen your legs and burn many more calories than running on the terrain. Check Calorie counter in Google Play

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