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Island Hopping during honeymoon: why not?

Honeymoon is the best time in the life of a married couple and Greece is a dream trip for many couples after their wedding in Greece. Most couples choose one destination, usually a popular Greek island and spend some days or weeks enjoying their love there. But how about discovering more islands during your honeymoon in a romantic island hopping in Greece? In the Aegean Sea, there are many Greek islands that are ideal for couples in love, who want to have an alternative experience after their Greek wedding. Thus, you will have numerous memories from your honeymoon to narrate, and in addition to luxury, romanticism and relaxation, you will explore new places and live unforgettable moments with the man/woman of your life.


Mykonos is amazing for couples, who want to live the true cosmopolitanism after their wedding in Greece. Luxury hotels, awarded restaurants, celebrities and romantic bars by the sea in Little Venice give you the possibility to explore a whole new world with your spouse. If you want to relax after the tiring days of your Greek wedding, you can spend the whole day on one of the stunning beaches of Mykonos, lying on your sunbed under the warm sun. However, a walk in the paved streets of Mykonos Chora is ideal to feel the elegant aura of the island. You may also consider the possibility to organise a Mykonos wedding and then start your honeymoon trip from this wonderful island.



After Mykonos, you can go to Tinos for a few days. In Tinos, you will taste exquisite cuisine in the local taverns of the island and explore a more authentic place than Mykonos. Tinos is considered to be an underrated island as it has everything a traveller wants: gorgeous beaches, beautiful villages, cultural sites and delicious cuisine. However, it has managed to keep its untouched aura, and is perfect if you are seeking for the friendly, hospitable side of Greece.



Santorini couldn’t be missing from an article about romantic honeymoon. Santorini is the ultimate honeymoon destination, the epitome of romanticism. The whitewashed villages at the edge of caldera, the cobblestone streets, the worldwide famous sunset, the luxury restaurants and generally the atmosphere of the island make Santorini the best Greek island for couples after their wedding in Greece. Besides, it is not a coincidence that are being organised so many weddings in Santorini. After Tinos, Santorini is perfect for you because in addition to the elegant aura, it also has vivid nightlife if you want to have fun with your other half.



If you have more days, after Santorini, you can visit Crete. Crete is a large island, which can offer you literally everything: significant archaeological sites, such as Knossos and Faistos, some of the best beaches in Greece, tasteful Greek cuisine, hospitable locals and impressive traditional towns and villages. Crete is a whole chapter during your vacation in Greece, and it is being suggested only if you have enough days to explore its magic character.