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Should I rent a car in Rhodes or is there another way to explore the island?

There are two ways to get to Rhodes. By aeroplane from Athens or Thessaloniki or charter flight and by boat from several places around island. However, the thing is what you should make after coming to Rhodes. Rhodes is a large island with numerous points of interest and beautiful beaches. Many of them are not accessible without a car. Thus, most travellers rent a car in Rhodes. Are you now planning your vacation on the island and wondering which type of transportation is the best for you? Do you want to travel on a budget and are you searching for some alternative ways to discover the island? Let’s have a look at the possibilities you have, and then you can decide according to your preferences.

Local transportation

Local transportation in Rhodes is achieved by buses...

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wedding fitness

How to get fit for your wedding in Greece

Are you planning an amazing wedding in Greece and you want everything to be perfect? The months before your wedding can be stressful with so many things you have to arrange. The wedding dress, the photographer, the venue for the ceremony and reception, the videographer, the wedding planner, the chef. The list is endless.

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running in athens

The best places for your running exercise in Athens

Will you visit Athens for your vacations, are you a keen jogger and you want to keep up with your running routine? Or are you a resident of the Greek capital and you don’t know where you can find a quiet place to make your favourite exercise? Well, there is a solution. In Athens, you can find many places for jogging, and some of them are located in a lovely landscape.

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Change your life, make music an essential part of your routine

Someone said once that life would be better if it had a soundtrack. And that is true. That’s why the story of the movies seems more beautiful than our reality. Thanks to its soundtrack, which finds the perfect melody for each moment. The choice of the music and the songs is a crucial part that every director has to take care of. Have you ever thought how your life would be if you gave it a soundtrack? If you had your headphones on your ears so that you could get lost in the magical world of music?

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