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What is the ideal type of exercise for you?

The bad news is that most people, who start a fitness program, will eventually stop soon. Are they bored, weak or undisciplined? Yes and no. Of course, some people are not able to stick to a schedule, but the majority has not this kind of problem. They just have still not found the type of exercise that is ideal for them.

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fitness beginners

6 great tips for fitness beginners

If you are new to the whole stuff of fitness and healthy living, you may not know where to begin from. This new world is totally strange to you, and even if you are committed to your goal, you need some tips that give you courage and motivation to move on, have your dream body and make a gift to yourself.

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tip of the day

8 tips to stay focused on your fitness goals

If you want to adopt healthier habits and a fitness routine, your goals should be your number one priority. But sometimes, it is difficult to stay focused on these goals because distractions and temptations are literally everywhere. With these 8 tips, you can stay motivated and find the strength to achieve every goal you have determined.

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wedding fitness

How to get fit for your wedding in Greece

Are you planning an amazing wedding in Greece and you want everything to be perfect? The months before your wedding can be stressful with so many things you have to arrange. The wedding dress, the photographer, the venue for the ceremony and reception, the videographer, the wedding planner, the chef. The list is endless.

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How to be fit until summer in 4 steps

Summer is here, and we have to face it. We are not as fit as we wanted to, and we don’t know what to do in order to have our dream body until our vacations. However, fitness is not a matter of summer, but rather a whole philosophy that can change our life, improve our health, make us more beautiful and give us the feeling of the effort, the joy and the euphoria after gym. So, don’t try so much to be fit for your appearance on the beach.

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