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The best workout plans depending on your wedding dress

Getting married is a stressful procedure especially for brides. I think that the most stressful part of a Greek wedding for the bride is that she has to stay fit in order to be fabulous this special day. When she chooses her wedding dress, she is calm and relaxed, but after months of preparations and anxiety about the details of such an important event, she may not have the body she imagined when she bought the wedding dress. However, the situation is not that bad. There are workout plans you can follow 6 months before your wedding in order to find your shape and have a perfect body for your wedding dress. Furthermore, because these exercises have specific goals in order to tone a particular part of the body, they can be completed in less than 20 minutes. Now, you have no excuse to try to be the best bride, and all of your guests will admire your great shape!

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Strapless wedding dress

The strapless dress is very popular especially for the weddings in Greece. With this kind of wedding dress, you should tone your upper body. That means you should sculpt your lean muscles of shoulder and arms. These exercises that include shoulder press and triceps extensions must be combined with cardio activity twice a week and a healthy diet because the fat in the upper body is the most difficult to lose.

strapless wedding dress

Ball Gown wedding dress

A ball gown dress emphasizes a small waist and flatters an hourglass figure. Your goal must be to shrink your middle and tone your hips and abs. In addition to wait slimming exercises, you should take care of your diet in order to lose belly fat, which is crucial.

ball gown wedding dress

Short wedding dress

Although the short wedding dress is not very popular in the Greek weddings, it is an excellent choice if you have sexy lean legs. Jogging is an ideal cardio activity to tone your legs and lose weight at the same time, but there are also many exercises that tighten long and gorgeous legs, such as squats and lunges.

short wedding dress

Sheath wedding dress

With the sheath dress, you can’t hide anything. You need a full-body workout and a diet with low calories in order to stay fit for this “difficult” dress. Strength exercises and cardio activities constitute the perfect combination to have your dream body until your wedding day.

stealth wedding dress

A-line and sleeveless wedding dress

An A-line dress highlights toned arms and a tight core. An upper body Pilates workout with circuit exercises and a resistance band can help you be an amazing bride and show off your beautiful wedding dress.

a-line sleeveless wedding dress

Mermaid wedding dress

The mermaid wedding dress needs toned, shapely hips. Hips raises, balancing squats and other lower-body exercises for slimmer hips and thighs can help you sculpt your lower body while challenging your core and zapping fat.

mermaid wedding dress

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