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6 great tips for fitness beginners

If you are new to the whole stuff of fitness and healthy living, you may not know where to begin from. This new world is totally strange to you, and even if you are committed to your goal, you need some tips that give you courage and motivation to move on, have your dream body and make a gift to yourself. Healthy living is a state of mind, and after a few months you will appreciate this life style, and you will be addicted to your workout. Until then, be patient and try to get slowly familiar with this kind of activities.

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Do what you enjoy


You are not obliged to begin with difficult muscles exercises or running. Of course, if you had set as a goal to strengthen your body, you have to lift weights, and if you want to lose weight, you have to do a cardio activity. However, miracles don’t happen from day one. Start with an activity that you actually like. Group sports, such as basketball, tennis or football, are a nice opportunity to meet new people or friends, escape from your routine and feel that you are participating more in a game than in a tough workout. It is a matter of time that you soon want to try something different.

Expect slow progress

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You will have progress, but you have to be patient because it will be slow. You can’t expect to gain durability and lose these 10 kg you want in just a few weeks. Human body changes, but it changes slowly and with great effort.

Do it for your general health and well-being

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If you engage in fitness routine only in order to lose weight and build muscles, you will soon get bored. Fitness is not a matter of beauty; it is a matter of feeling well with our selves and taking care of our health and well-being until our old age. Plus, exercising is a perfect way to relieve stress as well as feel happier and less anxious.

Don’t be ashamed of asking help

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Fitness beginners need guidance and specific instructions. Otherwise, there is a high possibility that they get injured during workout. It is wise to have a trainer or an experienced friend with you. He can show you all the small details that guarantee exercise has a positive effect on your physical condition.

Make fitness a habit

fitness habbits

You won’t see any results if you don’t go to the gym 3-4 times per week. In order to achieve this goal, you should put fitness in your weekly schedule. Choose some days that you feel refreshed and make exercising an essential part of these days.

Combine workout with healthy eating

healthy eating

Going to the gym is not enough to see your body change if you don’t follow a healthy diet. Avoid pizzas and donuts, stick to your goal and results will reward you.