5 fitness activities you can do with your dog (first three are just amazing!)

If you have a dog, you never feel alone. That is something that dog lovers know it well. A dog is always there for you, asking only your love. By spending time with our pet, we make it happy and let it warm our heart.

The combination of this amazing feeling with exercise is the best gift we can do to ourselves, especially during the hard times of quarantine. The loneliness and the fear of a disease can cause us depression, but luckily there are some things than can make us feel better. Is there a more beneficial recipe than exercising together with our dog, filling our brain with endorphines and smiling with the funny things that our best friend does?


Bikejoring is biking, but with a dog that pulls you via a pull rope, which is connected to the bike. It is a demanding exercise, and the dog must be trained in order to avoid an abrupt pull. It is ideal for very active dogs, but remember to have an elastic rope, which is comfortable for your dog.


Canicross is running with your dog pulling you rather than biking. It is much safer than biking, so you can try it with a less disciplined dog. The most important thing is to have a stable pace and not to stop during the walk. This is the only way for you dog to understand that now is the time to run rather than to smell everything on its way.


Doga is the combination of two words, yoga and dog. Of course, nobody expects from the dog to make balance exercises! Doga is an encouragement to open the door of your room and welcome your dog, when you practise yoga. Just lie on your yoga mat and let your dog watching you with its eyes fully open, surprised by what you are doing. After a few minutes, it will lie next to you, calming you even more than yoga.


Flyball is the best activity for your dog, but it is also beneficial for you if you love walking. Every dog adores running to catch a ball! It may return it to you or you should chase the fast little puppy. Either way, you are going to have some fun!


Swimming in the sea together with your dog is ideal during summer, but unfortunately only a few dogs like this kind of sport. Many breeds hate water, but if you share your life with a lovely Labrador, you just found the perfect mate to explore the whole coastline!