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5 amazing dishes to eat in Rhodes

Rhodes, as the most islands in Greece, is famous for its delicious local cuisine, which is part of the Greek and the Mediterranean cuisine. Your summer holidays can be an abundant culinary experience, especially if you rent a car in Rhodes and discover the whole island, going from one place to another and trying several gastronomic miracles. Fresh fish, dishes with vegetables and various spices, seafood and street food constitute the Greek cuisine and are waiting for you in Rhodes. We gathered for you here the best of the best dishes to eat in Rhodes. Get ready for the most delicious vacation ever!


pitaroudia rhodes

The first signature plate we recommend you in Rhodes is pitaroudia. Pitaroudia are fried pies with chickpeas, onions and tomatoes. This dish is one of the most famous dishes in Rhodes and the Dodecanese and the perfect appetizer before moving on with main dishes that will please your stomach. It is not a coincidence that the cuisine of Rhodes is considered ideal for vegetarians!

Octopus fritters

Octopus fritters

Octopus fritters (at Greek chtapodokeftedes) are made of minced octopus’ meat and delicious local herbs, such as oregano. They are an alternative version of tomato fritters. You can find it in all the traditional Greek taverns of the island at very low prices, but on other Greek islands it is unlikely to taste them, as they are a unique recipe of Rhodes’ local people. A healthy choice, perfect if you like seafood and you want to avoid meat.


Avranies is a salad in Rhodes made of asparagus, cooked with virgin olive oil and dressed with a sauce from lemon juice and flour. It is a sophisticated salad for those searching for something different than the well-known Greek salad. Especially during spring, the best season for asparagus, this plate is the best and healthiest way to start a delicious meal!

Shrimps with tomato and feta cheese

γαριδες σαγανακι

Garides saganaki is not a signature dish in Rhodes, but it is a famous dish in the Greek cuisine. However, we recommend it because Rhodes and its neighbouring island, Symi, are known all over Greece for their shrimps. They are boiled in tomato sauce and feta cheese, creating an unexpected result that will impress you.



It is the most popular street food in Europe. Meat wrapped in pita with tomato, onions, tzatziki and French fries, souvlaki is a highly nutritional way to gain the energy you want in order to swim, walk around and discover the island during your summer vacation. Cheap and delicious, souvlaki is the national food in Greece, and Rhodes Town has some of the best taverns for souvlaki. But don’t worry, in every town and village of the island, you can eat a souvlaki and try some of the true taste of Greece.